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2.4 IS OUT

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Check out our new modpack its "ModdedNetwork 2.4" we are offering a huge sale also 75%! also Happy anniversary 2 years!


suggestions for capes

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hey guys im working on some capes for the donator's if anyone could give me some suggestions on what they should look like so put your suggestions down below this post

Helper Application Are Open

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The helper application are open. You can submit your staff application in the "staff apps" section on the forums (CLICK HERE). Make sure you read all the rules about the staff application and using our staff format(CLICK HERE). For more information please look at the wiki (CLICK HERE)


Discord https://discord.gg/0kJwvIzal4LHq3ij

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we now have a discord server if any of you like that you can get invited by this link https://discord.gg/0kJwvIzal4LHq3ij

Pizzar's staff app!!!

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Minecraft In-Game Name: Pizzar

my teamspeak name is also.. Pizzar

first name: Nick


my skype account is: ilikemypixels

i do have a gmail account: cartini.kid@gmail.com

this is my first ever application.

the languages i speak are: italian,german,french,spansish. and english

i spend maybe... 2-9 hours on the server maybe more

none but i hope to be a good one

i want this rank because...: i want to help people.. but not just help, i wanna guide people to craft stuff and help the community i want this rank mainly to make people happy that theres always someone to help them

i will warn them 1, if they keep breaking rules, another warn... if they keep going i will kick
if they come back and there still breaking the rules in a way such a bypassing chat filters i will mute them for 5 minutes then nce the mute has run out and they keep going, i will mute them for a day and if they do it again i will mute them permantly
and if there griefing and i catch them...


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