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    Mystical Times idea New Mod Suggestion

    this mod is a good idea for transportation however this mod is waaaaaaaaay to crashy and unfortunately Most likely wont be added. there could be a chance tho Thanks for the suggestion -KingsRoyalDragon
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    Engineers 2 idea Add Security Craft to Eng 2

    This Has arady been suggested ill link it to you here have a nice day
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    Outdated/1.7.10 idea Mod Removel OreSpawn

    because of new content
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    Outdated/1.7.10 idea Mod Removel OreSpawn

    if orespawn was removed that would boost preformance for all modpacks and it would liten the load on the owner and new modpacks would be suppported to modded network which would cause more people to join our community
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    Outdated/1.7.10 idea Mod Removel OreSpawn

    Please provide your minecraft name Your Minecraft Name:KingRoyalDragon Tell us what modpack you're talking about for your suggestion Modpack name:2.2 and 2.4 Please provide us the mod link if you're suggesting a mod, please use respectful mod developer distribution links Link:ore spawn...
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    Event idea Make a Minecraft UHC event

    This would be alot of work for jon to setup and have all players on the event at the same time
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    General Idea Make a better economy for the server

    There is no point unless you just leave it how it is because a s hop is usefull by selling basic blocks
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    Event idea Stuck Inside

    i like this idea i would love if modded network hosted more events
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    Mystical Times idea Iron Furnaces for M-Times

    This is a good idea because Mt only have basic furnaces and this would boost the start of new players and Mystical times is a fairly light pack so i might see this being added in the future however good idea
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    General Idea Prison!!

    good idea however we have a community vote in discord as i speak for which modpack that the community wants Have a good day
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    Discord Idea 2+2 is 4 - 1 thats 3 quik mats.

    i dont think this is a good idea as people ask for help all the time in supportive chat and plus moddednetwork discord are active all the time
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    Engineers 2 idea Mod suggestion for engineercraft

    You could make draconic armor Invisible
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    Engineers 2 idea Engineers two ProjectE mod Suggestion

    Nah besides people are going to play the “new crazycraft” if Jon releases it
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    Engineers 2 idea Engineers two ProjectE mod Suggestion

    You could make the transmutation really hard to craft
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    Event idea Karaoke

    oh, for fun it could work but if you did it for reward then u would have to make it fair to all