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    mod suggestion

    The ModdedNetwork Community has many modpacks similar to 2.2 that are on more updated versions. Due to mods being abandoned and discontinued, we are unable to update the packs to a newer version of forge. Adding additional mods to any 1.7.10 pack is unnecessary and will just cause immense issues...
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    Reintegrating legendary pokemon spawning

    The suggestion appears to be directed to runescapejon. He's the only one with the ability to even implement your suggestion and the likelihood of him seeing it at the moment isn't likely because he's still on his break.
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    Reintegrating legendary pokemon spawning

    You can also get legendary pokemon from crate keys or vote parties. If you're interested in purchasing a legendary crate key, here's the link: STORE! Vote parties happen at spawn in the Legendary Room located at /spawn when the vote goal is reached.
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    MattDaBeast5 and Sand_Tyrunt caps

    Thank you for the report, the players have been warned.
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    DoughnutMan24 - hacked client and/or killaura

    Thank you for the report. At this time the player will be investigated for further proof of any hacks or malicious activity.
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    Approved How to Create Custom Textured Pokemon

    *For visual learners, the video tutorials are at the bottom* In order to create your custom pokemon you need to know where to get the Textures. Go to your technic launcher -> Click on Modpack Options -> Open the Modded Network Pokemon Folder -> Then, go to your mods folder -> Right click on...
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    The Fix for Not Being Able to See Chat.

    If you are playing on one of the modpacks and you can't see chat, here's the fix. Go to the main Minecraft screen -> Direct connect GOING THROUGH HUB WONT WORK YOU NEED TO DIRECT CONNECT. That's literally all you have to do.
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    Eng-2 Tinker's Construct Tool Disappearing

    It's likely that you didn't actually lose anything and the server just reset to its last save. So, all the items you used to make the pickaxe would still be there you'd just have to repeat the process.
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    Eng-2 Tinker's Construct Tool Disappearing

    Thank you for reporting this, I can come online and give you the items you lost if you'd like.
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    Technic won't let me play Engineers 2.0

    Please don't revive old posts.
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    I keep crashing....

    How much ram do you have allocated to your pack?
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    I keep crashing....

    What modpack is this happening on?
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    What mods i would like to see in modded network 2.2

    Helpers don’t have perms to lock threads.
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    What mods i would like to see in modded network 2.2

    Please don't revive dead posts.
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    Schematica Permitted 2.4 (Or others)

    According to the Owner, people would use it to build obstructive and annoying builds.