1. Cyclops29

    Happy New Year

  2. Cyclops29

    Important 2018 Annual Updates

    ModdedNetwork Update January - June 1. Discord Awhile back we created a discord server to help with communications amongst players and staff. Slowly, this became a more permanent way of communication for staff, players, and other people. Therefore, we want to make sure it is well known...
  3. Cyclops29

    ReadMe Support Forums Update 2018

    Hey Crazy crafter, As you may have noticed the forums were outdated. Because of this a lot of the support for our new modpacks was thrown in the older mod packs such as 2.2 and those modpacks. To help with the removal of these we just stored them in the Archives section of the forums and...
  4. Cyclops29

    ReadMe Turtorials Read Me

    Hey Crazycrafters! This forum section will be used for creating tutorials for other players to refer to for help! Please keep posting on this thread. Here is the General Guidelines: What can I post about? Literally ANYTHING moddednetwork related that can help another player! (Mods...
  5. Cyclops29

    Website Updates

    Hey Crazy crafter, The website is going through multiple updates! Please take a look at the forums and let us know what you guys want to see on the Website! Open to all Suggestions :) Thanks, Cyclops29
  6. Cyclops29

    ModdedNetwork Meeting

    Hey Crazycrafters, Today at 3:00 pm a meeting will be held for the whole community to join to get updates on the Modpacks and for suggestions of what they want to see! So be sure to join the meeting later today! Details: IP- [Comming Soon] Twitch Live Stream-[Comming Soon]
  7. Cyclops29

    Item Recovery Format

    This sections is not for PvP losses in Factions and other servers!! This thread is created for the purpose of an event in which a player loses their items due to a bug or glitch! Format: In-Game-Name: Modpack AND server: What did you have: How long ago did you lose it: How did you...
  8. Cyclops29

    Player Report Format

    Please note that this is for Player Reports! Not Staff reports! Your In-Game-Name: Modpack AND Server this issue/concern happened on: Reporting Player: Reporting Player for: Proof: Here is a Sample Report. Your In-Game-Name: Cyclops29 Reporting Player: BadMan112 Reporting Player...
  9. Cyclops29

    Important ModdedNetwork Sky Legends

    Modded Network Sky-Legends Release!! Hey ModdedNetwork CrazyCrafters! We released a brand new ModPack this week! ModdedNetwork SkyLegends!! This modpack is based around skyblock, combined with a mix of SuperHeros and Additional Mods!! Modpack Download...
  10. Cyclops29

    Important Crazy Updates!

    Hello, CrazyCrafters! These last 2 weeks we have had a lot of updates! @runescapejon has been working hard on these updates for you guys! So be sure to thank him! Let's take a look at out recent updates and changes! New Modpack! That's right guys! We have created a brand new Modpack for...
  11. Cyclops29

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday! Runescapejon!!!
  12. Cyclops29

    Important Staff Rules and Guidelines!

    Hey CrazyCrafters and Staff Members, Since we have implemented the new server rules for everyone (Server Rules Thread). We have decided to also revisit and also improve the Staff Rules and Guidelines! New Staff Rules and Guidelines: [Link] So you may ask that why do...
  13. Cyclops29

    Important ModdedNetwork Star Wars!

    Hey Crazycrafters! After a huge request in bringing back ModdedNetwork Star Wars! We are now bringing back the ModdedNetwork Star Wars pack!! You guys have been amazing with smashing the votes in bringing it back with around 40 votes in less than 24 hours!!! We are now pleased to announce...
  14. Cyclops29

    Important Rules Update

    Hello Crazycrafters, It has come to our attention that our rules are very plain and general, and many of you guys do not understand them. Therefore Runscapejon and myself decided to re-create and re-explain these rules. These rules have already taken effect five hours ago! So you maybe...
  15. Cyclops29

    Staff Guideline: Ban/Tempbaning a Player

    Hello Staff, So going forward starting from January 20th, 2017 12:00 AM. Staff will now be required to create a forum post in this section, when they ban or tempban a player! Thread Title: [Player name banned/tempbanned for Reason] Thread Format: Players In-Game name: Modpack and server...
  16. Cyclops29

    ModdedNetwork Engineers

    Hey CrazyCrafters! If you are not signed up on discord you missed this update from TreeT0p (Owner). "Modded Network Engineers we had a meeting about this dupping problem for engineers and we decided that we should only allow MadMan to have the Creative Satchel an item to dupe with. but the...
  17. Cyclops29

    Important ModdedNetwork Engineers

    Hey CrazyCrafters, Sadly, we had to reset the ModdedNetwork Engineers Official Servers. Our main reason was that we have been working really hard on reducing the lag and the server crash's. The Owners had been working hard on it, yet still were not able to fix the crash's fully. On the bright...
  18. Cyclops29

    Crazytown 2.0

    Hello, So recently we closed crazytown, and started remodeling it. Well, we are almost done and open today! /warp crazy town! Over the next few day's there will update log's these log's can be found in the 1st comment. Going further, this thread will be used for of crazy town's needs. -...
  19. Cyclops29

    Congratz Lazercorn!

    Dear Lazercorn, Congratz on owner. From, Cyclops29 P.S: This took me a hour to write. LOL
  20. Cyclops29

    Crazy-Town Claim Issue

    Hey Citizens of CrazyTown, For somereson many players have lost, claim access to there plots. Not sure what the reason for this is, but is currently being investigated by the staff team of crazytown. Going further If you do not have access to your plot please send me these details via this...