1. yleko

    Approved How to Create Custom Textured Pokemon

    *For visual learners, the video tutorials are at the bottom* In order to create your custom pokemon you need to know where to get the Textures. Go to your technic launcher -> Click on Modpack Options -> Open the Modded Network Pokemon Folder -> Then, go to your mods folder -> Right click on...
  2. yleko

    The Fix for Not Being Able to See Chat.

    If you are playing on one of the modpacks and you can't see chat, here's the fix. Go to the main Minecraft screen -> Direct connect GOING THROUGH HUB WONT WORK YOU NEED TO DIRECT CONNECT. That's literally all you have to do.
  3. yleko

    Website Suggestion

    Fix Shops; Numerous items that are listed when buying ranks aren't given to the player after purchase. Update the rank details so that they're accurate and up to date with each modpack/server.
  4. yleko

    Cyclops29's Anniversary.

    Congratulations Cyclops29, From various achievements working your way up the staff team, we commemorate you for everything you've done. You've made CrazyTown and kept it going for longer than anyone can remember. You've made sure that the community in itself was safe when you found out that 2...
  5. yleko

    Crazy-Town Staff

    Welcome! If you have come across this post you are probably applying for a position at Crazy-Town. First, you must start by filling out a format and sending it to either KBearZen, or the Mayor over Discord or message them through Minecraft. POSITIONS: Mayor: Your job is to manage all of the...