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  1. runescapejon

    Super heros unlimited mod in 2.4 Oudated

    Super heroes unlimited mod update version 5.0.0 is buggy even the mod dev said it's in Alpha. In addition the last update alpha was on `July 11, 2017` so it's safe to assume that the mod is abandon and no longer being updated. Furthermore you didn't read what in red text Any mods on Minecraft...
  2. runescapejon

    PsychoCraft Mod

    done added
  3. runescapejon

    Repost. Skylegends mod suggestion- Acceleration Wand

    This was something that i wanted to add but they have issues too many of them on there issue tracker page. This mod is going to be on hold.
  4. runescapejon

    PsychoCraft Suggestions

  5. runescapejon

    Rule Revision: Caps

    I'll take this as a consideration on the cap lock thing thanks.
  6. runescapejon

    weird store glitch?

    Sorry i don't do direct payment instead using store that buycraft provides
  7. runescapejon

    Psyco Down
  8. runescapejon

    Wireless Crafting Terminal Glitch

    I have update the mod see if the issue is still there thanks
  9. runescapejon

    Rank dissapeared

    please wait 5 min ingame
  10. runescapejon

    Skylegends 2.0 suggestion- flux network

    Great mod suggestion i will include this thanks you very much.
  11. runescapejon

    PsychoCraft - Tinker's

    not using format. locked-
  12. runescapejon


    simply i dont know :D
  13. runescapejon

    draconic evolution glitch

    Can you explain a bit more into details
  14. runescapejon

    Engineers 2 - Harder Recipes

    Last time i did attempt to make recipe harder many people didn't like the idea in fact never play in that selection of the hard recipe so I'm not sure doing this again would be the best course of action.
  15. runescapejon

    Skylegends 2.0 Suggestion

    Add it in the modpack update
  16. runescapejon

    Suggestion - Cosmetic Armor Reworked

    Not really going to add it because the modpack is getting full to the point where others is having an issue but if you found something usefully ill consider it
  17. runescapejon

    Sync Mod

    Not really going to add this because feel that the eng2 modpack is very full to the point where other is having issues loading the modpack just going to make things worse but however if you found something very useful I'll consider it.
  18. runescapejon

    Skylegends 2.0 Suggestion

    interesting going to look at it
  19. runescapejon

    Suggestion - SkyLegends2.0

    We have custom chunk loader system check within spawn point for information that is written there.
  20. runescapejon

    Suggestion: Bring Back the Prison Gamemode

    I don't have the money to support this prison got shutdown because the lack of players.