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  1. runescapejon

    Mystical times mod suggestion

    I'll consider it but please know that i am currently trying to add a nice shop full of cool features. Also trying to make the modpack stable this or any suggestion wont be add it within the next few months.
  2. runescapejon

    SkyLegends 2.0 Suggestion

    I'll consider it thank.
  3. runescapejon

    Claims/Duping/Celestial Manipulator

    I cannot reproduce this at all!
  4. runescapejon

    Claims/Duping/Celestial Manipulator

    How long ago did you tried this?
  5. runescapejon

    Claims/Duping/Celestial Manipulator

    Fixed Celestial Manipulator, Will speak with GriefPrevention developer to patch this small grief bypass, as for the dupe i am not understanding very well can you explain?
  6. runescapejon

    No Perms for basic commands (feed, heal and repair work)

    Should be all fixed now
  7. runescapejon

    Pixelmon Server Gyms

    I'll consider it i can see how the current NPC can be hard only a select few as manage to beat them. Also having everyone to battle them more then once a day then most likely they will get the badge easier then it should be this is why i made them once a day.
  8. runescapejon

    Pixelmon Server Gyms

    Most likely not going to happen because it would require the gym leader to be active as much as the staff team in case of a player wanting to battle. This is why i made the NPC as a gym leader.
  9. runescapejon

    Skylegends 2.0 Suggestion: Superhero ores

    Sorry for the late reply. `vibranium, palladium, uru, titanium, and osmium ` Should be in the void miner in the next modpack update.
  10. runescapejon

    Broken Revolver

  11. runescapejon

    Add Reauth Mod

    Understood will add in next modpack update.
  12. runescapejon

    i em corrupted

    Please give us your logs. Watch the video below on how to obtain them. Then upload them on to website forums instead of discord. Video Instructions:
  13. runescapejon

    Matter Overdrive Matter Pipe has no recipe

    It seem that the mod developer intentionally did this it's possible that these items are not finish it yet but i will get update with it.
  14. runescapejon

    Key/crates not giving pokemon

    Fixed the bug and your key kits has been reset you just have to redo the command. Thanks for the bug report.
  15. runescapejon

    Key/crates not giving pokemon

    I need your minecraft name. Also more information how this happen because i am unable to reproduce the issue
  16. runescapejon

    Missing keys on Pixelmon

    Should be fixed it seem that there was an issue within the store on how it distributes the keys once your ingame it will automatically be in your inventory
  17. runescapejon

    im running modded network 2.4 the chicken chest glitches but when i go in i am able to take the item out of the top but i cant keep it

    Not providing enough information. In addition your not following a such simple format. Closing this thread.
  18. runescapejon

    Vanilla Server MobStacker

    I actually forgot about this will make the change.
  19. runescapejon

    Sell Chest

    Okay Added but found an better alternative. Just place a sign and type [ChestSell] what ever in side of the chest will be sold into the shop menu if you want to add someone then put on the third line and put a player name if anything please contact staff if you need help.
  20. runescapejon

    Sell Chest

    Me and Niight talk and i will reconsider