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  1. runescapejon

    Event idea Event

    Thank you we will take this event idea under consideration.
  2. runescapejon

    Event idea A high level trainer that you get a legend of your choice for beating

    Thank you we will take this event idea under consideration.
  3. runescapejon

    Pixelmon idea Enchantment Plus Mod Addition.

    It's added
  4. runescapejon

    Pixelmon idea silver Bottlecap purchase

    It's added
  5. runescapejon

    Shop idea SkyLegend2.0 shop idea

    We don't need spawners because woot mod is much much more effective.
  6. runescapejon

    SkyLegends 2 idea A new mod

  7. runescapejon

    Mystical Times idea Chunkloaders for mysticaltimes

    I don't see the use in them being in that modpack. If you can explain how can it be useful then I'll consider it.
  8. runescapejon

    SkyLegends 2 idea skylegends idea

    I'd put a system to you can increase your claim.
  9. runescapejon

    Pixelmon idea Can we add AZs floette to the custom pokemon crate?

    I would do this but it take time to add a custom textured pokemon. Considering I am not a texture artist.
  10. runescapejon

    Pixelmon idea water gym difficulty

    Gyms has been nerfed now, I'd manage to beat them few time on my own. Also, please refer to this website to know all of the detail and how to beat the gym leaders.
  11. runescapejon

    Broken Server

    Never mind it seem that the server had crashed. Since it's on 1.7.10 There is no fix for this one. I have just launch the server back up.
  12. runescapejon

    Broken Server

    What is your Mc name
  13. runescapejon

    Pixelmon idea Pixelmon daycare issues

    Change it to $100 for every 10 minutes
  14. runescapejon

    2.2 2.4 baubble stays when server crash and i double space and i crash

    A bug i cannot fixed it's 1.7.10 abandon version of the game.
  15. runescapejon

    Event idea A chance to get a perfect ivs bagon

    Just to mention here if i do possibly increase a way to find a perfect ivs then the grinding aspect will be redundant and not rewarding to a player.
  16. runescapejon

    General Idea New Pack Idea

    From my experience any type of super heroes mod become abandon. the Lucraft mods most of them has become abandon.
  17. runescapejon

    Engineers 2 idea Crayfish furniture for Engineers 2.0 after server wipe

    understandable I'll consider it thank you.
  18. runescapejon

    Mystical Times idea Shopping District /warp Mystical Times

    An update on this i am developing a feature that allow this concept. Using the claiming system that will soon offer "renting a claim". Once that put into place onto the server this feature will be add it.
  19. runescapejon

    Engineers 2 idea Chaoscrystal doesn't wanna break - Make it Breakable!

    Just an follow up for those who are looking back. What i had end up doing is removing the world border and place down an feature that delete the end world upon every reboot of the server.