1. LazerCorn3114

    Mc-1.12.2 1.12.2 TimeDeo Updated PVP Pack 2018-02-23

    This texture pack was originally a 1.8 PVP texture pack, now I have took the liberty into getting it updated to 1.12.2.
  2. LazerCorn3114

    ban this guy

    As you can see you /trusted him in the video and that is your fault he was taking your stuff because you trusted him. He broke no rules.
  3. LazerCorn3114


    No rules have been violated as any form of duplication on ModdedNetwork 2.2 survival 1 is allowed. http://www.forums.moddednetwork.com/wiki/modded-network-2-2-rules/
  4. LazerCorn3114

    Sorry @[1327:@GUNNER5000] I use that account and even If I did keep in mind I don't know the...

    Sorry @[1327:@GUNNER5000] I use that account and even If I did keep in mind I don't know the security questions.
  5. LazerCorn3114

    Mobster Rank gone :P

    Ill resend your rank.
  6. LazerCorn3114


    Okay thanks for informing us.
  7. LazerCorn3114

    Engineer's EMC suggestion

    How many times do I have to say its a challenging modpack. It's supposed to be hard.
  8. LazerCorn3114

    Engineer's EMC suggestion

    You say you don't care when yet that's what this thread is mainly about so now your contradicting yourself . Their really is no point in doing so considering you can just do the ritual of resurrection.
  9. LazerCorn3114

    Engineer's EMC suggestion

    Like I have said before that would be taking the point out of this modpack then which you two don't seem to understand.
  10. LazerCorn3114

    Engineer's EMC suggestion

    MadMans donate for that command and on engineers they can /dupe only every 2 hours and only in quantity of one. CrazyCraft is meant too be crazy and extreme and not challenging. The other servers are different modpacks and are meant to be crazy not challenging. This modpack was meant to be...
  11. LazerCorn3114

    Engineer's EMC suggestion

    Like @TreeTop said this modpack is supposed to be challenging if you were to read the description. If we were to put EMC on it that would take the point out of it being a challenging modpack. It does take hours to get awakened draconium but, it doesn't make that challenging if you can obtain it...
  12. LazerCorn3114

    Chaos Guardians don't spawn anymore?

    Some people have already killed quite a lot of chaos dragons. I believe you can find one 70000 blocks out.
  13. LazerCorn3114

    - ModdedNetwork -

    I actually think I remember you, I think I was a player during the time you were a admin.
  14. LazerCorn3114

    Player report of coreyhugginsgm

    This will be handled.
  15. LazerCorn3114

    been busy

    Okay, thanks for informing me.
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    If we were to also add those mods to 2.4 it would make it not really that unique.
  17. LazerCorn3114

    Kitty's Resignation

    You also doubted yourself well let me give you some of "Lazer's Words of Wisdom" Everyone in the world can doubt you about something, you can prove them wrong. The only time when they are right is if, you doubt yourself.
  18. LazerCorn3114

    Kitty's Resignation

    You say you left because you felt you didn't give enough time to the server yet, I gave you another chance to try again and you practically give up without even trying you basically doubted yourself. "I knew that my demotion was fully my fault I wasn't angry I was extremely sad but I sucked it...
  19. LazerCorn3114

    The mobs.

    That is why the official server is corrupt and people barley play on their.
  20. LazerCorn3114

    The mobs.

    The king and mobzilla don't fight because if we we're to enablt that their would be massive griefing.