Broken Revolver

Dec 17, 2017
**I am currently running**
- Modpack Name: Modded Network Engineers 2.0
- Java version: 1.12.2
- Operating System: 64 bit

I noticed this in both single player and the modpack, and for that reason this might be beyond your control or ability, but I would still appreciate it if you can look into it.

I was going to play with the revolver in the Immersive engineering, however when I tried to open the revolver GUI (shift+right click) the game crashed, closing out entirely and returning to the Technic launcher.

This is quite a simple reproduction. Go into the Immersive Engineering mod tab, grab the revolver and hold it in hand. Hold shift and press right click.


I noticed that the engineers tool box is the same way.

Please provide a *full* log (and crash-report if applicable). <- I am unsure of what the log is and how to provide either the log or the crash-report.
Go to and upload them there, then paste the resulting link here!
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