CodeChickenLib 1.12.2

May 2, 2019
Your Minecraft Name: Delt4knight

Modpack name: Mystical Times


Suggestion: I find some items in this mod very useful, although I slightly doubt that this mod will be implemented as it has no magical aspects to it. This is simply a "whatever" mod. It has multiple uses, one common use however is the chicken chest. As I have found this in other modpacks, you all probably know by now how the chicken chest works. It takes your entire inventory and puts it in a chest, this was done on purpose by the mod creator as a sort of duplication method. I personally am asking for this for such a reason, due to the fact that a lot of the very good items that people love to use are very hard to get and for the most part end up being used up before they are truly enjoyed. By having the chicken chest in play, people can actually enjoy the rare items longer. Now, even tho I am requesting the mod for the chest, I wouldn't use the mod for just the chest, I would also look for the other items and what not. But also about the chest, bringing it in with just the way it is, is too easy. I would recommend either making a change to the recipe, such as 2 starmetal; 2 void metal; 4 Supremium; 1 Crystal Chest, or you could make it obtainable via shop and make it a huge price, also when putting it in the shop, make it impossible to obtain by making it, or you could do both, that way they could either spend the resources to make it, or buy it. Now this is just a single chest that dupes items, but it comes with a powerful cost, and that's why I recommend it, not because it's for duping, but because it allows for variety, something different. I'm sorry if my explanation why it should be added wasn't enough for you, but at least I got it off my chest.


Former Staff
Sep 7, 2016
Just fyi Duping even with chicken chest is a cause of lag. and im pretty sure that's 1.7.10 limited
Nov 15, 2014
Duplication from chicken chest, well let me first start off by mentioning you have the wrong link the mod indeed went abandon few years ago. Furthermore creator of the mod is immibis and the actual mod name is called the chicken bones mod (modjam) this mod was created for the intend to win modjam. Modjam is hosted by mod developers from the MMD (Minecraft Mod Development) team. It's an annual event for a competition. This mod was never mention to continue as it's soul purpose was to win the competition. Let me explain how this mod never intend to be use as a form of duplication items/blocks, immibis the creator was attempting to fix it but never truly did. I'll post link of the information below of indication of proof of immbis mention he had tried to fix it and the actual mod download page. Now you got the basic information of what actually went down with the mod, let me explain why I wont allow any kind of way to duplication (cheating) items/blocks into the game and server. For the first reason @AlienChiefYT had mention above this will cause lag issues because players take advantage of duplication and dupe items that never meant to be dupe from other mods. This create issues from within the server performances and singleplayer as well. Some mods has items that are only meant to be use once at time, duplication will break this. Also economic system will break with players duplication of endless items they can sell off more and more items to the shop. There are countless reason why i wont allow duplication on the server ever again. The biggest example you can take from this is look at 2.2 server and 2.4, 2.3 when down because due to bad performance. Player dupe too much causing bad performance this create an issue because no one would like to play on a laggy server inaddition it kept creating because of duplication of items that cause even more corrupted chunks. Granted 2.2 and 2.4 is still up online but it has bad performance it always crashes the 50% of this is caused by duplication. The other half well we should all know by now it's 1.7.10 which mean no other mod developer support this kind of version. I hope you can take this information and understand were i am coming from thank.

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