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Suggestion: add projectE to Engineers 2 mainly because some of the quests (Avaritia Quests) will take years to complete with the amount of needed resources so please add this mod to Engineers 2 (by the way i could not found a direct distrubition from the mod devloper so i used curseforge mainly because it had alot of info on where to get help for the mod etc) Thank You for reading
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if you need stuff then you can suggest it being added to the shop like ores but getting the items mega fast will make the pack well too easy


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ok i did test that and yes fighting some of the strongest bosses it is ridicoulis
Good morning/night,
The Project E Mod is an amazing mod, I won't argue that fact. However the Mod is very powerful and in some cases simply Overpowered. Before Engineers 2.0 there was an Engineers Modpack that featured the Project E Mod, the TPS on the Engineers server was absolutely awful due to people constantly constructing Server Breaking machines with items from the Mod that were just too much for the server to handle. On the topic of blocking items, when items are blocked players complain that the mod is in the Pack but is rendered basically useless because of items not having an EMC value. Engineers 2.0 is a highly stable modpack and adding Project E would just add addition work for Jon to have to take on that would be unnecessary.


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Yes mod was suggested many times before, solely for the reason making the gameplay a bit easier because of the avarita. On how it handle their recipes. Bare in mind that this mod has ridiculous over powered items and armor, that it is the main sought out item in the game. However this is a huge task and i don't really have time to make this mod balance in the gameplay.
Nevertheless thank you for taking the time out of your day to tell us about this mod <3.


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the only way that project e will get added is if transmutation is removed entirely. that way it isn't too hard to manage and we wont have to deal with emc, which is the entirely the point of this post, is it not? besides, if the emc feature was added and rune found a way to automatically give everything a fair emc value, it would still be too op. also, have we forgotten that engineers is an, obviously, tech based modpack? it wouldn't fit in any way shape or form. also, if we added project e, it would cause so much lag that the server would be basically unplayable due to the amount of game breaking auto emc farms that people would make. the lag would be beyond our abilities to fix and the server would be a ghost town. basically, what im saying is, no project e will be added to engineers or any of the other new modpacks.


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dude you are a month late. and also, even if it was an endgame thing, EMC is hard. rune definitely doesn't want to waste 3 days giving every item EMC. Let's just face it, project e WILL NOT be added to engineers or mystical times. Pixelmon is a very low chance and I doubt rune wants to mess with it on any new modpacks.