getting outside the boarder


**I am currently running**
- Modpack Name: pixelmon
- Java version: java64
- Operating System: windows10

Please include as much information as possible. For the description, assume we have no idea how
mods work, be as detailed as possible and include a step by step reproduction.
**Issue Description** ok so one time i got outside of the boarder twice and i forgot to reported as a bug and now im here to report it basicly how it happened i was riding a pokemon and i got near the boarder while finding a pokemon and i went outside of the boarder

Please provide a *full* log (and crash-report if applicable).
Go to and upload them there, then paste the resulting link here!


Staff member
To me it doesn’t seem like a big issue because you can always do /spawn or rtp out of the area and there is pretty much nothing outside the border