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Aug 14, 2016
*For visual learners, the video tutorials are at the bottom*

In order to create your custom pokemon you need to know where to get the Textures.

Go to your technic launcher -> Click on Modpack Options -> Open the Modded Network Pokemon Folder -> Then, go to your mods folder -> Right click on the Pixelmon mod -> Open with WinRAR -> assets -> pixelmon -> Textures -> Pokemon

You can use any photo editor to custom texture your pokemon.

When you put your pokemon in your game it's best to use a different pixelmon modpack because the ModdedNetwork one is locked and you won't be able to play on the server with changed files. You'll have to re-install your pack.

In order to put your custom pokemon into your game so you can know what it looks like before having it put into the server, use the same directory as above and drag and drop (or copy and paste) your texture into the folder. Keep in mind, in order to see it you have to be in singleplayer because the texture hasn't been put into the server.

Where to find pixelmon textures:

How to put your custom texture in-game:
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