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Money Making Methods for Pixelmon...

*Here are some easy money-making methods. Let's get started.*

**Method 1: /hunt**

Completing /hunt give you money and rare candy, PokeBalls (Other types as well). This method requires dedication and good luck, it's catching the pokemon that are listed in /hunt

**Method 2: Fighting wild pokemon**
Massively defeating pokemon will earn the sum of money, in addition, you can sell pokemon loots via "/shop". So, don't you just throw out the loot :). However, a key important thing to take away from this method is to used a Pickup Ability to gain even more money.
. Pickup is an ability where the pokemon will have a chance to get items in your inventory if they are not holding an item. Level 81+ will have higher chances to obtain special drops that are great for selling loot at a good value.
You can view a list of tier drops with the Pickup ability here:

**Method 3: Pokestops**

It's the easiest method the server offers, it has PokeStop just like the famous Pokemon Go app.
Which will give you a variety of items. You can sell them get them from pokestops. Right-click on one and sell its items, finding each PokeStop that is scattered across the questing world. Once you find them
you can "/sethome (name)" example: `/sethome pokestop1` and `/sethome pokestop2` to teleport between various pokestop that you had found.

**Method 4: Voting**

Voting will earn you keys these special keys can be redeemable via "/warp crates" (require completion of the quest to access said warp) located in the first island of quest world.
The voting crate will let you earn rare items such as various pokeballs, rare candies, claim blocks, and of course money.

*note: previous pixelmon server directly receiving money is removed*

**Method 5: Completing Pokedex**

Completing the pokedex will earn you a large sum of money you can check its other cool rewards by typing `/ranks`

**Method 6: BattlePass**

Battlepass is a cool feature where it rewards you with playtime. The more you spend time on the pixelmon server, you'll earn rewards such as rare items, and money.
This method is by far one of the easiest methods because it just requires patients.

**Method 7: Mining and Selling**

Easy money, sell the ores you mined to "/shop"

**Method 8: Sell To Server (/STS)**

Catching Shiny pokemon and selling them to the server will give you a value of $500.00. However, an legendary is worth $3,000.00 A Mythical Pokémon is at 1,500.00, and Arceus is set to $500.00. Know that if you receive a legendary either be a Mystical type or not but it's shiny it will add to what's the current price for it. For example a normal legendary price at $3,000.00 and it's shiny so it's a total of 3,500.00

**Method 9: Global Trading System (/GTS)**

Global Trading System (GTS) is a place where you can have an open auction or have just sell your pokemon or any item, in an attempt to sell to others players online.
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