my base got claimed when it was claimed before

Aug 22, 2018
so my base was claimed by me a long ass time ago and then i decided to join the server again after like a year so then i come to my base and its owned by some other guy now??? His name is NIBIR080 on minecraft and now he owns all of my chests and all of my armor AND my me station that i worked so hard for and i have proof cause i have the /homes and i wouldnt be able to get in places without /home. But the weird thing is the bottom half where the armor is one of the retina scanners still accepts me which is even more proof that i was here before this guy as the retinal scanner is part of the claim that i previously owned but apparently is now his? Please help me get my base back i beg any staff to come and gimme my base back i can give so much proof please listen.... My name is BlueSanto on minecraft btw so contact me and help i BEG


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Community Manager
May 3, 2015
claims get removed after 45 days for 1.7.10 servers and 60 days for 1.12+ servers so if it got unclaimed it's free game for taking nothing can be done