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Suggestion: It would be cool to see a new pack that is super hero based or something and heroes expansion and other Lucraft mods are a good replacement for the 1.7.10 legends superhero mod.
From my experience any type of super heroes mod become abandon. The Lucraft mods most of them has become abandon.
The Lucraft mods are actually still being updated to this day. They are currently working on 1.14 updates to the mods, and they have their own pretty successful server going for them. They are also working on Star Wars and other types of mods in addition to the mods they are updating. I'm actually in their discord, and they give updates pretty frequently. I know it's a lot of work to make a modpack but if you do make a 1.14 pack it would be cool if you considered these because they are extremely well-made mods. Thanks for your time.