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Suggestion: As it stands it is nearly impossible for players to retrieve pokemon from the daycare after they have been left to gain xp. Currently out of the 4 pokemon I currently have in their, all have expenses exceeding 15,000 coins, this is an almost completely unfeasible amount for a normal player to acquire in any given situation as there are no current effective means of earning that many coins. The value of a diamond pickaxe, the most expensive item currently, in the server is less than 200 coins meaning that it would take the player selling more than 75 diamond pickaxes or 225 diamond to buy a single pokemon back, the other intended methods of earning cash are battling gyms to sell gym badges for 1000 coins or selling items and other things to shopkeepers. This does not work either though as there is not a single shopkeeper or gym in the entire map.

In conclusion, it is impossible to retrieve pokemon from daycare after they have received any amount of xp gain, so as a result either the player needs to have significantly more means to earn money in at a much, much faster rate or daycare prices should be significantly reduced.