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Suggestion: Well I have played On Mystical Times And I feel like it's missing some of the Mystical Part about it, For example, Werewolf mod will fit in and ProjectE Which uses this Mystical Element Called EMC That almost every item has in-game! It also has various stuff like the watch of flowing time which allows you to control time! Or Gem Armor which all ahs various unique attributes! I am sure that all the community would like to see ProjectE Added! :D


Staff member
We have said multiple times in many suggestions that projectE will not be added to any of the current modpacks. your best bet for projecte is Project Ozone. It would take forever to add EMC to every item in all the mods and rune doesn't want a lagfest like 2.4 to happen here. If you want ProjectE, play project ozone. otherwise, deal with the fact that you don't have it, and will not have it.


Staff member
As Killermattew has said, We will not be adding Project E to any of the servers since we do not find a need for the mod packs. Thank you for the Idea though.