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Jan 27, 2016
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I'd just like to attempt and ask for this even though it's been shut down many times. One of my favourite mods of all time is the Slashblade mod, which adds an entirely new weapon type and mechanics to the game, allowing players to have something to strive for as they are difficult to obtain. However, only a third of the mod's potential is currently being used in the modpack as 2 (Technically 3) more mods are required to obtain the weapons that cannot currently be obtained such as the Agito or Balkon Diamond. The mods listed above will make these weapons available, using the full extent of the mod. There is one more mod, but even though it's important, I don't think it's available anymore (Bamboo Mod). Anyway, that's my consensus on why the first two mods should be added to the pack.

The third one down, is mod known as "Modular Powersuits" and it was at a rank along the likes of Rival Rebels and even Thaumcraft. It basically adds a number of different parts into the game which allow you to construct a specialised suit for any basic or advanced needs. Being able to mine faster, jump higher and place light sources are just a couple of handy things this mod has to offer. You can upgrade your suit to do specific tasks more efficiently such as diving or gathering resources, this is definitely a must-have mod.

The final mod has probably been asked for before and I apologise in advance for suggesting it. Thermal expansion is a staple for modding mechanics in minecraft and has been used in many modpacks in the past 5 years. It utilises the RF system of energy which a large amount of the mods in the modpack use. It gives players the ability to do a number of things such as optimising existing energy networks, wireless energy, pipe filtering and so much more. This should be in 100% of modpacks

Well that's all I have, I recognise that you might not be able to add some of these but i'm fine with that. I just want to make it better you know? I absolutely adore the modded network and thank you for having all of the best mods in your packs!
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