rank help


iv play this ever all the time but i haven't bean on for about 5 months due to family stuff but the server had an update and i lost all my stuff which is normal but should i have lost my rank it doesn't let me do my commands that i had it doesn't even show me as a supporter when i log in i was wondering if that was part of the update or if i lost my rank and i just needed to ask to get it back or for you guys to fix it...... iv bean ion this ever for awhile and it's grown a lot and you guys have kept up with it and have a lot of nice staff i tried to apply but didn't work out i might again but like i said i haven't bean on for quite a long time so i know you have to be on for 3 months for some amount of time like that so ill just have to wait but a lot of people like me on the server because i gave them a lot of stuff and I'd like to keep doing that... but anyway great job hope to here from someone soon thank you for your help and your time