Rule Revision: Caps

Jun 11, 2018
Modpack name:
I would like to suggest a revision of the no caps rule. I understand why it exists, to prevent really annoying chat, but I do not agree about the extent to which it is enforced. I believe using caps occasionally to emphasize things should be allowed. Emphatical caps are used to portray the extent of an emotion, similar to swearing, which is allowed as long as it isn't excessive or directly at someone. If someone were to keep using caps for every message, action should be taken, but if someone were to have found something that they were looking for and said "OH MY GOSH! I FOUND ____" it would be fine, as long as they didn't keep using caps after that message. There shouldn't be a formula for this, (e.g. after 2 caps messages, the third becomes a warn, it should just be common sense) Also, abbreviations should never be punished (as long as its PG), they aren't true caps messages, just proper English grammar. I'm not telling anyone how to run their server, I just wanted to suggest a revision to an otherwise logical rule.