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We should be able to buy silver bottlecaps in the shop, it might sound a bit overpowered considering what they do (max out one stat on a pokemon) but I feel that it would be greatly beneficial to late game players and provide a use for the excess cash many of us have just lying around. Currently after you get going in pixelmon you rapidly lose use for your money, through kits and crafting you don't often need to buy pokeballs, through boss kills and loot chests you find fishing rods, potions and the other things currently offered in the shop that you can find elsewhere relatively easily. Although the shop is very useful for early game they provide little help to players farther along in the game. This is where bottlecaps come in, once you have begun to assemble a team of powerful pokemon most players opt to try and improve their pokemon once they have a team they are satisfied with, this means ev training, which manually is extremely tedious and not worth the time to most people when compared to just fishing for bottlecaps. So players in the later game find themselves in a postion where they have tons of cash with nothing to spend it on, bottlecaps in the shop would provide a solution to both of these problems, obviously because of their power they would have to be quite expensive, say 2000 for silver and 5-6000 for gold.