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Suggestion: Stuck inside will be mainly your in a box and you have to do stuff while inside the box and complete quests to progress further and getting your box bigger until you done all of the quests and each 10% of the quests are done your box will get bigger 1x and the more quest you complete the more space you will have (like a quarantine limited time modpack)


yeah basicly but set for the stoneblock owner like sTOP copying our modpack it will be stoneblock but its bedrock but every 10% it can be bigger


Staff member
Honestly not a bad idea although if the modpack was made, I don't know if it would be ready before quarantine ends


Former Staff
This does sound like a good idea but there awesome issues with that problem. It would just be a temp mod pack for people who are bored of the other mod packs, and modpacks are currently being worked on so it would just be on more stress to speed up things, this could be an idea for future modpacks but for right now, I don't know if it would be a good idea at the moment.

Thank you for suggesting the idea tho <3