Unknown player

Aug 14, 2019
Hi, i'm unsure if this is the correct place to post this report, as the person that did this is unknown.

My ingame player name is TrinityGamer531,
Server: Psycho
Modpack: Psycho

The issue is that someone place taint, and taint junk right outside of my claim yesterday, me and a friend cleaned it up, only for me to log on today and now the person seems to have placed it in 2 different areas right ouside of my claims, and it had spread a rediculous amount already. i was told by 2 different players to report it, as it most likely constitutes as griefing. i have since removed everything of my base that hadn't corrupted yet, but the damage is already pretty large. (kind of a suggestion as well, it might help if the taint spreading was turned off)