Vanilla Server faster hoppers

May 17, 2015
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Suggestion: in the spigot.yml there are 2 fields for hopper speed: hopper-transfer and hopper-check. i forget which one does which, but i know that we aren't using spigot. if you can find these fields, and change them to be a bit higher, it would stop mass spawners from clogging up storage systems- the main reason this happens isn't because there isn't enough storage, but rather because the hoppers aren't transferring fast enough and get filled up very quickly, leaving a lot of iron to cause lag and sit on the ground until after 5 minutes it phases out of existence. With faster hoppers, this issue won't occur.

Not sure what plugin manager we use (ie spigot, craftbukkit, etc) but if you could find hopper-transfer and hopper-check and increase them, that'd be great.

-That one **** who keeps crashing the ****ing server on 2.4