Vanilla Server more backpacks for higher ranks

May 17, 2015
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Suggestion: I started playing the Vanilla server, and quickly noticed that even with God rank I only have one /backpack. Considering all the overpowered stuff God rank gets, especially on the Vanilla server (sharpness 50 etc), I feel God rank should have more /backpacks. Not just god rank though, I can assume that since God rank has one, previous ranks likely do as well. An idea would be to increase how many /backpacks per rank for more personal or on-the-go storage.
As with all things, this is only a suggestion, and if having one /backpack is intended for God, I'm sorry for stepping out of line.
Nov 15, 2014
Added backpacks for other donator rank. Handyman has `/backpack 1-5` every donator has up to 5x but god rank has unlimited