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Suggestion: The water gym is far too strong at the moment for any player to be able to reasonably beat it without looking for and training very specific pokemon for many hours. Myself and the vast majority of other players on the server have not been able to get past the 2nd gym, only 2 players have been able to get past to the best of my knowledge, this is causing players to give up on the gyms completely as the incredible grind for powerful non-legendary electric types is too taxing for the rewards offered. This is only further stressed by the long 24 wait times in between each gym attempt. The one player I know that has gotten through the gym was only able to so because of his 100% iv jolteon, without that pokemon no one else has been able to get through, I have tried almost any number of teams including, 5 pikachus, 5 garantulas, 5 absols, a greninja, a gyrados, a dhelmise, a pikachu, and 2 eelektrikes, all of these pokemon are either water types or electric types or in the case of eelektrike water and electric and even that failed. The difficulty of the gym is mainly due to one thing, the first pokemon he trainer always launches, it is a crocodile pokemon with 100% speed and a move called superpower which will one shot any pokemon that doesn't move first and one shot it, this includes a 100% ivs gyrados that I put up against it and, very rarely am I able to get past that pokemon, the only reason I am able to is becuase of the assault vests I put on my pokemon that prevent them from being one-shot, this allows me to get a slight chance at killing it but even then by the time I get to the next pokemon I am usually down 1 or 2 pokemon and given that the trainer has access to gyrados, vaporeon, and greninja I am usually not able to get past those pokemon after mainly due to their numbers advantage.

In conclusion, either the difficulty of the gym needs to be severely nerfed either through the removal of the first pokemon and it's replacement or through a large reduction in gym reset times allowing for players to try more different strategies in the hopes of getting lucky or finding a good combo.