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This is a really difficult announcement for me to share, but I want to make sure the word gets out. About a week ago Jon came back from vacation, a day latter he felt covid symptoms . So he went to the Hospital and tested positive for covid-19 he was then put on oxygen. Two days latter he was sedated and put on a ventilator. His conditions did not improve. This morning at 12:46am RSJon passed away. He really enjoyed moddednetwork, and being able to create modpacks, because of this love he had for the community, I know he would want me to carry on keeping the server up and running. In few days/weeks I will keep you guys updated.

ModdedNetwork Update
January - June

1. Discord

Awhile back we created a discord server to help with communications amongst players and staff. Slowly, this became a more permanent way of communication for staff, players, and other people. Therefore, we want to make sure it is well known throughout the network, to join the discord please click on the discord logo below.

2. Modpack Bug’s
A lot of our new, and old, modpacks have had a few bugs on the servers, causing the server to have issues and crash. These bugs and glitches have been recently fixed by @runescapejon. We do...​
Hey Crazy crafter,
The website is going through multiple updates! Please take a look at the forums and let us know what you guys want to see on the Website!

Open to all Suggestions :)




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