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Hello, CrazyCrafters! These last 2 weeks we have had a lot of updates! @runescapejon has been working hard on these updates for you guys! So be sure to thank him!
Let's take a look at out recent updates and changes!

New Modpack!
That's right guys! We have created a brand new Modpack for you guys! ModdedNetwork Madness. Here is a brief explanation. So back in June, 2016 ModdedNetwork Engineers was made public to everyone! It was designed with 67 mods, custom plugins/content and the best thing about it was it was designed to be a challenging Modpack! Soon the server was a popular hit on the technic launcher and players loved the server! They loved all the gameplay, all the content, the community and everything! So we thought to ourselves instead of us creating another modpack like ModdedNetwork 2.5 let's create another sever like engineers but add most of...
Hey CrazyCrafters and Staff Members,
Since we have implemented the new server rules for everyone (Server Rules Thread).
We have decided to also revisit and also improve the Staff Rules and Guidelines!
New Staff Rules and Guidelines: [Link]

So you may ask that why do us players need to know these rules?
Well, there is only one of me and I can't monitor all the staff 24/7 on all the servers! Therefore we are giving limited power to you the players!
How you may ask?
Well simple! If you find a staff member breaking a rule and abusing powers! Report them! (Make sure you have proof!)
The reporting link...
Hey Crazycrafters!
After a huge request in bringing back ModdedNetwork Star Wars! We are now bringing back the ModdedNetwork Star Wars pack!! You guys have been amazing with smashing the votes in bringing it back with around 40 votes in less than 24 hours!!! We are now pleased to announce that ModdedNetwork presents our Revived Modpack back with full support!!
ModdedNetwork Star Wars!
Instructions to download:
Download our ModdedNetwork Launch, which gets first access to our Modpack!
http://moddednetwork.com/ (Scroll down all the way and select for which system you want to run for!
You can also Download on the technic pack which will have support 5 minutes after this post!!!

If you have any questions or concerns please join our discord:
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/0kJwvIzal4JVxQHK

- ModdedNetwork
Hello Crazycrafters,

It has come to our attention that our rules are very plain and general, and many of you guys do not understand them. Therefore Runscapejon and myself decided to re-create and re-explain these rules. These rules have already taken effect five hours ago! So you maybe wondering, what exactly have we changed in the rules? Well it's really simple, we have revised the old rules and simply explained them. No rules have been removed and not very much added, do remember we don't like to put these rules here for fun! These rules are here to keep our community balanced, along with creating a friendly environment where you guys can have fun!

Please re-read the rules which can be found on the wiki or CLICK ME!

Should there be any further questions or concern's comment below, and a staff member or myself will be glad to take care and resolve the question or concern you may have...
Hey CrazyCrafters,

Sadly, we had to reset the ModdedNetwork Engineers Official Servers. Our main reason was that we have been working really hard on reducing the lag and the server crash's. The Owners had been working hard on it, yet still were not able to fix the crash's fully. On the bright side we had mod updates and have fixed the crash issues that we are getting.



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