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New Ranks

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Guys we need ideas for new donater ranks now these new ranks can't have creative but anything else you can think of comment your idea on new ranks.

SALE! 55% Christmas SALE!!!

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The Christmas sale starts today and ends January second

Get you rank today!

Updated New Server

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New server has been open up to the public its tekkit classic server we offer no banned items custom patches and also no rank restricted items ip is Tekkit.moddednetwork.com come and join us!
in other updates Prison will be coming to Modded Network 2.3 as it was requested by many of you guys <3 and new update for the modded network 2.3 is coming soon to just generally bugfixes

Thanks you

Need a Overlay

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I need someone to make me an overlay for the podcast so if any of you are good at photo shop then make a 3 cam overlay so i can put mine,brocks and runes cam for ever one to see so msg me if you make some tthanks

Stream Time 10/30/2015 www.twitch.tv/killamuredya At 7pm Est

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We will be doing a stream tonight on my stream we will be giving away ranks and having some fun playing some old tekkit classic so if you want in go to this link www.twitch.tv/killamuredya AT 7PM EST


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