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Happy Easter everyone!

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Hello Everybody,
Please give a warm "Welcome Back" to our returning Head-Administrator (Head-Admin) FrostVH, therefore this means that we currently have 3 Head-Administrators allowing us as staff members to power through the server issues at a faster and continuous rate.

Who is Frost?:
As a previous Head-Admin here at CrazysCraft FrostVH had built quite the reputation for himself before he proceeded to go on hiatus/leave. As far as my relationship goes with Frost I must mention that he created the push for me to become a staff member along with runescapejon. Therefore Frost continued to show me new abilities/skills available with a staff role here at CrazysCraft and keep me updated on information revolving CrazysCraft thus providing me with a lot of the knowledge I use today.

Welcome Back Frost,
- Cambo
Hey guys, many of you have already heard about the upcoming update which will allow you to change your usernames. While this is great for users, it is one of the worst things Mojang could do to modpack servers.

Crazy Craft runs on Minecraft 1.6.4, which has absolutely no support for the new UUID system. What does this mean for you? If you change your username, you will lose absolutely everything. The game will see you as a completely new player due to your new username. Crazy Craft is not the only modpack effected by this- all modpacks running Minecraft below version 1.7.2 will have this issue.

Unfortunately, there is very little we can do to fix this. It would take many many many hours of modifying Minecraft, as well as modifying every single plugin and mod we use to accept UUIDs. This is just not possible, as nearly every mod on Crazy Craft is obfuscated, meaning we cannot edit the vast majority of their code.

What does this mean for you?

If you wish to play on virtually any...
Congrats to our new staff members!

Vigilon2: Admin



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