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    You will be missed Jon, rest well friend. :(

    You will be missed Jon, rest well friend. :(
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    Banned after being unbanned.

    Dude these aren't appeals but oki lol
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    Banned after being unbanned.

    I would like to speak to rune about the matter.
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    Banned after being unbanned.

    Ok this is kinda starting to become absurd. I got banned again, i'm assuming it was Cyclops doing. I made a Ban Appeal for Discord which got accepted? So idk why i got re-banned. Honestly Jake if you're reading this, this is more personal than server related as you have done this yourself. I...
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    Crafting will not work on 2.4

    Maybe you're crafting something banned.
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    Crash on Chunk

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    Reporting for Grief

    Nothing could be done. Case Closed!
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    Reporting Jbeasting25 (Jr-Mod) For Being a hypocrite

    Handled. Thank you for the report! LOCKED.
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    Happy Birthday ;)

    Happy Birthday ;)
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    Cloud pet glitch

    Wrong approach scrub, try the "Glitch" In-Game and see if it happens to you too, if so then refund if not then don't.
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    TieDyeRed Tped and killed my golem

    Keep those comments out of where they are not needed. Only warning.
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    I need help PLEASE I keep crashing

    Still happening?
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    I can't get on any of the servers

    Issue still going on?
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    rank gone

    I'll get that resolved asap.
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    My Claim Blocks is Gliched

    Can i please get a screenshot?