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    General Idea pack idea

    I like it, I’ve played modpacks along the lines of that before and if done correctly this could be a lot of fun.
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    Pixelmon idea Higher pixel spawns

    Even if they spawned naturally, I do not think it’s the smartest idea to increase the rates. The voting party helps the server and if we were to increase the spawn rates there would not be a reason to vote.
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    SkyLegends 2 idea Sky Legends Island

    That's basically what I'm asking for even if you have to pay in someway.
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    SkyLegends 2 idea Sky Legends Island

    Please provide your minecraft name Your Minecraft Name: DanielFire2013 Tell us what modpack you're talking about for your suggestion Modpack name: Sky Legends 2 When typing your suggestion please provide a better explanation on why you want this to be added to modded network. If your...
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