Official Rules

Please take the time to read our official rules

Apply to all servers and anything affiliated to ModdedNetwork  

If you do NOT read the rules, you are still liable to know the rules

1. No griefing
This means that even if someone has trusted you to a claim you cannot grief them as they have obviously had enough trust in you not to grief. We want to run a server environment where everyone feels safe and happy to trust each other, no need to be cynical and untrusting. If someone has annoyed you and you want to 'take revenge' please don't do anything, get staff involved, we are happy to help you out! It’s our Job! Also, this can lead to anyone that overly spawning mob to harm the server or potentially grief another person. Also, do not build a wall or anything around an player claim this can be consider griefing because you are creating an drama and not respecting one another claim. In an event where an owner/or members of a base is active while the base is unclaimed. You are not allowed to raid/grief/anything without the owner of the claim's consent. However, if you found an abandoned base with no claim or any members/owner not online by you may take the base.

2. Duping; Duplication glitches
If we catch dupers abusing these bugs then they are at the risk for a perm ban and a base wipe (DELETING A BASE) Only exemption is 2.2 and 2.4 servers are allowed both crazycraft types of modpacks.

3. No spamming or ALL-CAPS
Just a simple rule of chat, don't spam (repeat the same message - or charator spam or similar of any form - over and over again.) Don't do it otherwise punishment will be in the form of muting, and in severe cases, temp-banning. We want to make sure we create a Lag free server. Nobody wants that nasty Lag affecting there gameplay.

4. Don’t ask staff for OP, items
Staff will not be giving out op (for those of you who don't know what 'op' is, it gives a player access to all in-game commands and permissions while enabled). Staff are not permitted to give free items either in creative mode, only if they are in survival and have these items legit they can give it out. In the case of server glitch or a player getting their data reset and losing their inventory, players would require proof either screenshot or video indicating the items was there before the glitch had happen.The day rule is a not so obvious issue with the server.

5. Do not advertise other servers
Basically Advertising is encouraging another player to visit and play on another server. There are three main types of Advertisements. 1. Sending a message to a friend/Player telling them to join a different server or sending a link to a video featuring that server. 2. Sending the message to two or more individuals, telling them to join a different server. 3. Sending a message constantly to multiple players and multiple different servers. The punishments for this will vary!

6. No abusive language
We want ModdedNetwork to be a child-friendly and safe for anyone to play on. Keep your language clean! This means no racism, no sexism, acts against religion. Dependent on how badly someone is offended by another player will result in the level of punishment that player receives. Report these players on with screenshots; this is something we don’t take lightly. Staff have been demoted and banned previously. 

7. No chat abuse e.g caps rule or bullying
Again, any abusive behavior in any form of ModdedNetwork chat will be punished

8. English only in main chat
Many people frown upon this rule. We are not trying to be racist, but as a measure of safety, we require everyone in the main chat to speak in English, this allows everyone to fully understand what another says and so that staff members understand what is being said and exchanged between players.

9. Respect staff and follow their instructions and Respect players.
Staff prefer to help players that are listening to them and respecting them. We don't like it when we get blamed for everything that goes wrong. While we are not putting ourselves above players, if we are breaking any rules these same punishments will take place.

10. Do not cause Drama
Do not start rumors, fights, claiming around someone base to start drama, etc. This is not a Broadway; these things cause many issues throughout the server internally and externally. If you are causing drama you will be severely punished for your actions!. Also raiding/stealing from others of any form is not okay it is consider disrespectful and causing drama

11. Disrespect: No hitting on players, harassment of any sort will result in severe punishment
Again, we want a friendly, almost family environment within the server. Threats and harassment will be treated just like they would in the real world. We don't want anyone getting hurt emotionally or scared of another person so please, keep it friendly. Do not disrespect LGBT (Lesbian, gay, Bisexual, and transgender) people.

12. Nickname Rules/ Banned Codes
Players that have permission to do /nick might have investigated the possible hexes and binds for their nickname and realized that there is a function &k which scrambles the letters of a nickname in a continuous scroll. This makes it impossible read what a player’s name is and anyone found with these letters in their name will have /nick permissions taken from them after receiving a warning.
Again, staff just wants to know who you are so we know who to talk to if something goes wrong.

13. No nicks like ‘Admin,’ ‘Mod’ Owner’ etc.
Now, I'm sure you don't want to face the everyday pressure that staff face, so please, don't put staff ranks into your nickname. It helps to remove confusion between players. We also disallow impersonation of other players and staff, so don't make your nickname the same as your favorite YouTuber because that is considered impersonation.

14. Do not talk about anything that is not PG.
This includes Drugs, Sex, Terrorist organizations, threats or anything amongst those lines. Again, this is a friendly server and has all ages of people playing on these servers. Talking about any of this will result in a severe punishment! If you still continue you will be Perm banned! These things are taken seriously!

15. Bypass Chat Filter.
Do not bypass our chat filter, there is a reason we have it in the game! Bypassing the chat filter will result in its respective punishments. First result is a warning (minor offense), to a 30 minute mute (normal), then 1 hour (major). We ask you to please keep that chat free of words that are blocked on certain servers. If there are words that are still bypassing our filter then report them to our discord server on #Suggestions or a staff member.

16. Your Account is YOUR Responsibility
If your account is being used by someone else besides you, and breaking rules on the server, then you will be held responsible for your actions. We highly recommend that you do not share your account with anybody, under any circumstance!!

17. No Chargeback (NO donation store chargeback)
If you chargeback (Force Refund your money) from our ModdedNetwork Donation Store you are going against the Term’s of service you have agreed to during the purchase. If you do chargeback, you will be permanently banned from all ModdedNetwork Servers.

18. Scamming
Do not scam someone, or do any fraudulent activity that will harm a player. Doing so will result in severe punishment! Don't pass around pirated software, stolen accounts, or whatever other shady activity . I shouldn't be having to inform this.

19. Bugs/Exploits/Glitches/any attempt to harm the network/No hacked clients/No unfair advantage
Abusing a bug, exploit or a glitch that harms the server, will result in a severe punishment. You can report the bug, exploit or the glitch to a staff member or directly on the forums. So a staff member can quickly contact Development and have this fixed. Also any attempt to harm the server either be bug/exploit/in attempt to make server lag on purpose such as spawning eggs over an large amount or in anyway can lead to severe punishment. however we if found that you're intentionally obtain banned items/entities and essentially trying to bypass our system then you may be at risk of a severe punishment. Also Do NOT use any form of hacked clients or anyways to have an unfair advantage. Another type of unfair advantage will be if a server has a playtime system (playtime system is when you rank up by time) and you used an afk machine (Afk machine is when you use something to move you automatically) to bypass the system.

20. Use common sense
Use common sense, we have re-designed these rules and better explained them for many people who may be confused. Do not try to outsmart these rules! Ex: (Rule #10: Let’s say a staff member says grief this base and break rule #1, be smart and report the staff rather than doing it.) Trying to Outsmart a very clear rule will result in severe punishments all the way up to a Network Ban! If you have questions about a rule, well just ask! We are here for a reason!!

21. Do not upload or distribution of malicious files
Any potentially dangerous file types will result in very severe punishment.

22. Discord @mention 
Please do not @mention any of the staff members. All staff members are volunteers and please do not @mention them in anyway on the official Modded Network discord. Unless it's an extremely emergency for an example. No staff members are currently online on the game servers and the game servers are offline and no one is unable to connect then you may @mention one of the staff members. 

Should there be any confusion here or something you do not understand ask a staff member! Asking after you have been punished for a rule will not matter under any circumstance and you will still be held applicable to the rule you have broken. The only ones who can break these rules are the Owner, Co-Owner, Manager of Modded Network.


Are you looking for the Staff Team's Terms of Service? Click Here!