Staff Team's Terms of Service

These terms of service apply to all staff members within the Modded Network staff team's.

Staff Team's Terms of Service

Our main goal is to help answer player's questions, respond to their needs, and resolve their issues.

Staff members are specially selected and trained to perform to the best of their abilities and they are required to follow a set of guidelines. 

However, they are still human and not robots. 

It is impossible for all of them to pursue identical punishments because every situation or report is slightly different. 

They will never tell you or ask you to do something unreasonable because they are here to help players. Staff directions are to be followed at all times. 

If you have a problem with the way a situation/report is handled, please contact the Community Manager for Support.

 1) Introduction  

When you become staff here at Modded Network you will start as a helper. You might think you can ban everyone that is irritating to you or that you’re immune to the rules. This is wrong and an abuse of power that has been given by one of our CM+ to YOU. As a staff member you must follow the rules precisely, you NEED to study them, if you do not understand them please contact an active Community Manager or above and we will be glad to help you better understand them. We do not want an incompetent staff member who cannot follow the rules and breaks them from time to time, or one who abuses their powers. An example of being abusive is banning someone for assuming they cheated, hacked, or un-banning one of your friends.

2) Communication!

As a staff member it is very important to communicate with other staff members, That is why we have Discord. The reason for this is because we can teach you how to be a role model to the players and teach players what not to do. It’s not that smart to have great communication with one or more of the players. Not saying it’s a bad thing to have great friendship with them, but it will make the punishment a lot harder for a staff member if he/she sees a friend breaking the rule, as opposed to a player. 

Having great communication with staff members is completely critical. You can warn other staff members if that player is breaking rules, you can tell other staff members about bugs/exploits/glitches and any other mistakes that the server needs to get fixed.This gives a fast solution to problems that lower ranked staff members cannot solve

 3) Website/Discord

Staff members are required to visit the website daily, replying to threads is important. Also,  important news will be announced there. Give support to the player that is making threads. It is ideal to join discord to offer support to the players. Also, Owners/CM do important announcements there also.

  4) Playtime Requirements

Real life, work, family or any other obligations always come first, that goes without saying. Although some positions require you to be online for a few hours a day, this has been made clear to you in the applications and you were well aware of this when you applied for these positions. If you cannot meet the agreed amount of time you need to be inputting into the modded network, then you need to speak to the Community Manager and a decision will be made.

5)  Absences

If you are going away for a few days, weeks, or simply missing out on a meeting, we don’t need to know any details. We only ask you to inform your Community Manager(s) ahead of time and inform them of how long you think you’ll be gone. This is to give us enough time to look for a temporary replacement depending on the situation. If you do not inform the Community Manager(s) ahead of time the Community Manager has every right to demote you within 1 week of time that you are not back. The reason for this is so that we don’t have a staff member who comes back every month just to have their rank. That kind of staff member won't take the staff job seriously and will think it’s a title that's cool. Being a staff member means that you have to be online as much as you can to help support players that need of help. 

               5) Know how to use basic plugin commands

Modded Network has many different plugins for you to learn and inform others about. You should know how to use these or at least be trying to learn about them.    


Don’t be a grump. No one wants to come on a server that has a grouchy staff member that is getting pissed at every little thing. Be calm and be relaxed. If you cannot be calm and relaxed, talk to our community manager or owners and sort out the issue you're having, we will possibly  give you a day off from working on the server.

   7) No Favoritism

This is very important as many players can use the excuse “well YOU LIKE HIM/HER/BOTH more then me” during any argument. If you happen to like someone more then others make sure you are treating everyone staff member/players fairly and equal.

8) Don’t lose your temper

There may be trolls on the server, But do not let them get to you. Make sure to keep your cool and be professional. Losing your cool would make it a lot harder for you and staff members lose their respect for you. Possibly, if a Community Manager has to get involved, or Owners, you will possibly be demoted based on the severity

9) Do NOT! Ask for Promotion 

Like the title said do not ask for a promotion. If you do then it will mean that you're only in it for the rank and not to help the community. You need to understand that you don’t need a high rank to be helpful in the modded network community. If you are asking consistently then the Community Manager or above have every right to demote you. We do not want someone who is only in it for the rank or for their own goals. You will be banned from the Network. Do not ask for promotion in any form. For example, stating that you're doubting that you're going to get promoted and will resort to self harm to obtain a higher rank. The severity of asking for the promotion can and will lead to a ban from our network or a demotion from the staff team. You may not re-apply depending on the severity of the situation; we take it very seriously. The Community Manager will only bestow those who truly have dedicated themselves to Modded Network.

10) Complaints and Negativity

While complaints can happen now and then, some things are not to everyone's liking. Voice your complaints in the appropriate manner. As a staff member you have the privilege to voice your complaint to the Community Manager or Owners who have the power to address it. Negativity will NOT be Tolerated! Any rude comments toward other players will result in a WARNING! 

2 Warnings = 3 Day Probation                                      3 Warnings = 1 Level Demote 


Under No CIRCUMSTANCE do we give creative mode to players. 

There are some players you may be tempted to trust, but I repeat under no circumstances do we give any player creative mode or items from the creative period. But if you're in survival you can give out survival mode items because you got those items legit without any creative mode.

  12) Power Abuse

If you are caught doing this you will be removed from staff on all servers and the community forums. There is 0 strike policy here. The Community Manager has the right to demote and ban you without any questions asked. (Abuse Ex: Spawning Creative mode items for other players, unfairly banning players etc.) You should know what and what not to do so use common sense and not be incompetent.  If you are playing survival and you are the only staff member online, you MUST respond to player help,  issues, or situations. You must quickly and professionally respond to those who are breaking the rules of the server.

          13) Be Mature and be respectful to other

I shouldn’t have to explain, it’s most important to be mature and to respect others and no harassment or disrespect. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say at all!.

       14) Working together!

Working together is an important key to becoming a great staff member here at Modded Network. We must work together if you have a problem with other staff members please report to the community manager or owners. We will get the problem sorted so you can work with others.

        15) Assumptions!

If you assume anyone is hacking/cheating/abusing glitches you need to get proof either a screenshot of the issue or a video recording of it and report it to the community manager or owner. It must have to be approved that proof you got is indeed valid. Once it has been approved the punishment is based on the severity of the situation.

 16) Getting promoted

Once you get a promotion it does not mean that you own the place. It means that you're required to act and perform for new responsibilities. Keep in mind not everyone got a promotion so please act professional and respectful at all times. 

    17) About Grief/Stealing/Raiding 

Raiding and stealing is highly against our rules, any form of raiding/griefing will result in a four day ban. A staff member must have valid proof that has been approved by CM+ before the player can get banned. It is also very important a staff member uses his or her better judgement for these kinds of situations. 

18) Becoming staff on others servers.

Staff Members are not allowed to become Staff on other Networks/Servers. Please do not find any workarounds to this rule such as mentioning that you are just helping or working with them. This will be taken as a breach of the Rules/Terms of Agreement and a portion of your time is being spent on another network. This shouldn’t need an explanation, however the reason for this is so that you can focus your time and effort here on Modded Network to make the Network and Community as a whole a better place for all persons to enjoy.

  19) Personal information 

Do NOT! Under any circumstance do not give out someone personal information without their consent, Therefore is it okay for you to give out your own personal information to someone. Staff members are now no longer allowed to release these types of information to the public either. Other staff members in trouble or pending for demotion. If to some degree a staff member obtains personal information of someone else and uses it in a negative way they will be banned cross network and website.

Once you become staff you are agreeing to these guidelines and rules if you do not follow them the acting Community Manager has every right to demote/ban you depending on the severity of the situation. Please do not try to find loopholes around the rules, if a CM+ tells you something listen and don't argue if you disagree on their way of handling things talk to one of the owners about it. The Community Manager has the last say on any issue 

that occurs across! 

Thank You.