1. rocketbro135

    SkyLegends 2 idea Df heroes for skylegends 2

    Please explain why you want this to be on Modded Network in more detail, if I remember correctly sl2 already has a super hero mod.
  2. rocketbro135

    Engineers 2 idea SecurityCraft mod

    Please provide your minecraft name Your Minecraft Name: Tell us what modpack you're talking about for your suggestion Modpack name: Eng 2 Please provide us the mod link if you're suggesting a mod, please use respectful mod developer distribution links Link...
  3. rocketbro135

    Verification bot

    The verification bot is up, there was an issue before sorry for the inconvenience :) It should work now if you try it again
  4. rocketbro135

    Verification bot

    Ok now do that on the MN discord you can’t do it buy direct messaging me. to verify yourself you have to do /discord in game It will send you a code to type into the discord
  5. rocketbro135

    Verification bot

    You have not sent an attachment?
  6. rocketbro135

    Verification bot

    I cannot help you if you don’t attempt the command in the MN discord. However, maybe one of the higher ups can link you manually but we will need some kind of confirmation that the discord account stated above is you and of your Minecraft user name. from here it shows that no messages have been...
  7. rocketbro135

    Verification bot

    The way to verify your discord is by typing the verify command into the MN discord. Is there a reason why you can’t were you previously muted?
  8. rocketbro135

    Verification bot

    Can you not speak in the text channels on the MN discord is what I’m asking?
  9. rocketbro135

    Verification bot

    No it shouldn’t be anything like that. Do you mind if we move this over to the discord as it’ll be easier to see what’s going on?
  10. rocketbro135

    Verification bot

    I would like to resolve this quickly, is your discord name “ sternabus#6950 “ ?
  11. rocketbro135

    Approved Buying/Selling via the Community Market

    This will be how you can buy and sell items in the Newly created shop Note this is for (1.12.2 servers only IE: Not Crazy Craft) First off let's start off with the command you need to run. 1) Run /shop 2) Select Market (Community Market) 3) Press "E" to filter offers This will show all items...
  12. rocketbro135

    Mystical Times idea YETTIE

    Mod pack name is the modded network pack **NOT** the name of the mod, I assume you are taking about mystical times?
  13. rocketbro135

    website link from command broken

    **I am currently running** - Modpack Name: - Java version: - Operating System: Please include as much information as possible. For the description, assume we have no idea how mods work, be as detailed as possible and include a step by step reproduction. **Issue Description** when in...
  14. rocketbro135

    disappearing pickaxe

    Hello Chudtopia, would it be possible for you to replicate this for us at a later date? -Rocketbro135:)
  15. rocketbro135

    Outdated/1.7.10 idea Ichunutil gravity gun mod

    No 1.7.10 suggestions
  16. rocketbro135

    Engineers 2 idea add a sleeping plugin

    Please add the reason why we should add it (the reason)
  17. rocketbro135

    Crops giving seeds when right clicked

    Sorry I don’t understand what you are asking us to do nor do I understand the issue do you mind explaining it better 1)what would you have us do? 2)state the issue clearly
  18. rocketbro135

    Mystical Times idea DOOOOOORSS

    The Mali’s doors mod is sometimes really buggy and causes issues (that I personally have experienced) and I don’t think it should be added
  19. rocketbro135

    Mystical Times idea Yes... Another mystical times suggestion from me.

    what mod would you have us remove?
  20. rocketbro135

    Chunk loader deactivating

    To clarify your using the personal chunk loader correct (the iron block)