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    Schematica Permitted 2.4 (Or others)

    IGN: JMavDean Modpack : 2.4 (But would be great if extended to all) Server: Survival Suggestion: I would like to propose that the mod Schematica be added to the pack or at very least permitted for use on the server. It allows players to be able to build schematics and I don't think that really...

    I lost an Iron man suit

    In-Game-Name: MATERMANF Modpack AND server: Modded Network 2.4 (I don't know server IP) What did you have: Iron man Mark 7 suit How long ago did you lose it: Just over 2 weeks How did you lose it (server crash, ext): I put it into a pod, and the server took it because it causes crashes Is...
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    Game Keeps Crashing

    every time i launch the modded network 2.4 mod pack it crashes when it is finished. i have deleted and reinstalled both the mod pack and my launcher but it does not seem to fix it. i do not know what to do and i would like to play some more.