broke/corrupted part of server

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    i was corrupted

    pls help I thinck my 2.4 files were corrupted pls help rune
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    Important Modded Network Servers Down

    I do not know why the servers are closed but I would like to know. I know its not just me because I checked on and it said the server was offline. Modded Network is the best server in existence and its the best modpack in existence. So I my self and I'm sure others will be...
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    Don goofed

    So placed a block, was called mimic block. Block had the Purple Black texture to it might have been a corrupted block. In normal world, around 1am CST, not sure the mod, it cashed the game and will not allow me to re log. Block was acquired from the king. Not sure what it did so i placed it down...