1. J

    Tardis Cant be Unlocked Bug?

    Hi so i was playing on survival 2 and when i try to unlock my tardis with the key it just says the door is locked and it is my tardis since i can recall it and use my locate for it so idk why i cant unlock it, it has been happening for the best few days and no staff had come online so i just...
  2. NinjaDragony

    HELP ! Tardis Gitch !

    i was playing on the server and i forgot i left some stuff in my tardis but when i go in i got a lag spike so i relog but when i try to join survival server 1 i crash and i did not know what happen at first but then i knew im crashing :( pls help if can.
  3. F

    2.3 Items

    I need help, on Survival 2 i have a tardis key in my ender chest, but on survival 1, its a attude ajuster, this problem also happens with the batmobile.:confused: