1. cozmy

    NBT data error

    Receive an error when trying to join the 2.4 server, most likely because of AE2 storage cells in my knapsack (Tinker's backpack) which I now read could cause crashes. I think that removing the knapsack from my inventory would solve the problem. Hopefully it would be possible to keep the storage...
  2. poppadompalish

    Help please!!!

    The download works and everything but when I nearly get to the menu page of the game, it just crashes. I have java 64-bit and I have been able to play Modded Network 2.3 and my memory (for the launcher thingy) is 2GB it worked for the first 2-3 times but ever since then haven't seen the menu...
  3. M

    Unknown error crashing server on startup

    hello, im not sure if this forum is meant to be used for personal server help, but on the technicpack website it says to come here with any problems, and i can't find anywhere else to go. I'm running private server hosted on my computer to play with friends. Its been running smoothly for a...
  4. A

    I keep crashing

    No matter the server, I always end up crashing. Not like, "Minecraft has crashed," but it goes to the dirt screen saying either "Timed out" or "Disconnected from server." Sometimes I'm given no warning at all and the whole Modded Network closes to the Technic Launcher. Sometimes it says "Out of...
  5. M

    Modpack Crashing Please Help!

    I downloaded the mod pack with the technic launcher and when I open the pack, the game crashes on the forge screen and brings me back to the technic launcher. This started happening after I downloaded 64x bit Java so I could dedicate more RAM. Any help?
  6. KingGhidorah

    Important Unable to join Survival 1 or 2

    A while ago, I played on Survival 2, but when i lost my Madman rank on Survival 2 (which i still need back), i joined Survival 1, which i still have it on. i left in the middle of a field, and now i can't join Survival 1. My Minecraft username is bonsly2002 also, it would be greatly appreciated...
  7. I

    Important Unable To Join Survival 1 And Survival 2 Keep Crashing Help!!!

    So First I Am Playing In Survival 1 Then It Always Crash And I Can't play in survival 1 anymore so i start playing survival 2 and it was fun but something happen when i fly around i saw 3 queen and 3 king so i keep walking and i crash.Then I Try Oppening Again and it keep Crashing so I Am...