1. CryterKyo

    Unable to join servers and play singleplayer on 2.5

    I'm an old player and haven't been on for ages, so I don't know if this is a known bug or not (I tried looking for stuff on this, no luck). I can start up the modpack (Modded Network 2.5) from Technic launcher, but when I try to join either of the two server, it just crashes my game and closes...
  2. J

    my screen turns white

  3. J

    why do i i keep crashing

    every time i login to survival 1 i crash within 10 seconds but when i tried survival 2 it worked what do i do?
  4. G

    Game Keeps Crashing

    every time i launch the modded network 2.4 mod pack it crashes when it is finished. i have deleted and reinstalled both the mod pack and my launcher but it does not seem to fix it. i do not know what to do and i would like to play some more.
  5. C

    Help Continuous Crashing!!!

    I'll go from the hub to survival 1, and it'll kick me off after 2 seconds of loading on the dirt screen. I have no idea what's happening. Can anyone help?
  6. P

    Help I'm blocked in the starminers dimension

    I go the starminers dimension and when i enter in the dimention a have crash and When I connect the survival 1 in the modded network 2.2 i have a crash and i can't play with my friends The staff can kill or teleport my caracter for i can spawn in the overworld ?
  7. M

    Modpack Crashing Please Help!

    I downloaded the mod pack with the technic launcher and when I open the pack, the game crashes on the forge screen and brings me back to the technic launcher. This started happening after I downloaded 64x bit Java so I could dedicate more RAM. Any help?