1. Desiko_

    idea for a new server

    Alright so i was being bored and thought of a really cool server idea so it would be a modpack with a server and it would be sort of factions and every week there would be a nuke and if you didnt have a safe place Boom ur dead and after the explosing crates fall from the sky with stuff and if...
  2. S


    I-would-like-to-be-whitelisted-in-factions----PS:my-spacebar-is-broken-and-my-name-is-slavasergei Slavasergei
  3. Death_master5000

    Help same as my other posts for moddednetwork2.2

    ya you gused still can not log into factions... what is going on may i ask???? is there a problem with something i did???????????? or is it something else because i am getting upset with this but i under stand it is none of you guys/girls faults so do not think i'm getting upset with you