1. J

    wall stuck glitch

    on engineers 2.0 /warp portals teleports you into the wall behind the portals and gets you outside of spawn
  2. F

    My charecter got reset

    So i was playing with Mr_zoomer and we were doing blood magic and then it started lagging like crazy.I crashed and when i tryed logging back on when i got on Survival 1 i was stuck floating in he void and there was nothing.if i wrote somthing it would not come up the 1 thing it said was Welcome...
  3. M

    I cant get on 2.5

    Every time i try an get on 2.5 it says: Internal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The name evilcarft:boxOfEternalClosure has been registered twice, for Block{null}and Block{evilcarft:boxOfEternalClosure}. My email is tylerb870@gmail.com please tell me what is wrong an...
  4. acmr212

    KeepInventory Plugin Sucks

    I was playing on the star wars server. The Hell's Fury event happens. I die, my game stops responding. It starts responding and i find i am disconnected. I log back in, click respawn and my entire inventory and all my exp are gone, and no its not a glitched inventory. I open a chest, nothing, i...
  5. C

    Major Bug

    So i posted this already but accidently did it in 2.2 SO here it goes When i join Skyblock it will show a flash of the screen like minecraft but then after that it says internal server error please help me i really want to play skyblock
  6. C

    Major Bug

    So i just started playing Skyblock on modded network just recently and now when I try to join the server it says Internal server error I will try and try and it says the same thing
  7. K


    Hello, i recently have been playing on the survival 1 and 2 servers and i have noticed glitches or something that wont let me progress through the game. I wanted to play around with illuminatii pet on server 1 and so i made one and everytime i try to use it it completely disappears. No matter...
  8. E

    Tardis Glitch Send Help

    So i was playing yesterday and i had gone afk for about 10 minutes. I was in the tardis at the time and now whenever i try to get in to server 1 my game instantly crashes but i can go on every other server. My username is espanthercub if you could please help :).