1. S

    i em corrupted

    so on 2.4 and hub world my game chares emidlty iff I join and I would prefer iff someone can pls check my files and fix any kind of corruptions and this will never happen again but in the end it was my fault that I dident read on how not to get corrupted but I em at the moment
  2. M

    i cant join server

    i cant join the modded network 2.4 server anymore it keeps telling me internal exception io netty handler.codec.decoderexception:net.minecraft.util.reportedexception: loading NBT data and sending me back to menu
  3. S

    Downloading Trouble

    I am helping someone download the modpacks but when I go to download I get an error message that reads: Error downloading a file for the following pack: Moddednetwork 2.2 Failed to download http://repo.crazyscraft.com/modpack/2.2.zip Please consult modpack author So of course I made a thread to...
  4. L

    Vote doesn't work? :/

    When i vote i don't get lucky blocks? i get diamonds no problem. This has happened twice, I've tried all the servers and would like my lucky blocks :):p If you could help that'd be great! thanks, LexibrineMC..
  5. Blackop65

    Lost my Character

    Ok so i have not played mine-craft in maybe four five months now or on this server, Now the server was not reset because i checked, But I changed my name in my account settings which used to be blackop65 and now is SacredCJ if you can help or at least get me to my house or you can't do anything...
  6. W

    Invalid Hot Bar Selection(Hacking?)

    I joined to the server and it keeps saying invalid hot bar selection and I don't know why now I cant join the server and play 2.4. Please may I have some help from staff. I don't want to keep getting kicked out of the server every single time I join.
  7. bradleymn

    I Lost skyblock! help

    So i was just playing on the skyblock server and went to someones base and i got stuck at a end portal when i join i crash becuase i all ways join in the end portal please help soon Thanks!
  8. G

    Game Keeps Crashing

    every time i launch the modded network 2.4 mod pack it crashes when it is finished. i have deleted and reinstalled both the mod pack and my launcher but it does not seem to fix it. i do not know what to do and i would like to play some more.
  9. J

    Important Tardis Corrupted Error

    So, I go into my tardis enter a destination then crash, survival 2 has been crashing lately so I thought it was one of those things. I come back and crash over and over again. Please help I don't want to lose my stuff ):