1. cozmy

    NBT data error

    Receive an error when trying to join the 2.4 server, most likely because of AE2 storage cells in my knapsack (Tinker's backpack) which I now read could cause crashes. I think that removing the knapsack from my inventory would solve the problem. Hopefully it would be possible to keep the storage...
  2. M

    I cant get on 2.5

    Every time i try an get on 2.5 it says: Internal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The name evilcarft:boxOfEternalClosure has been registered twice, for Block{null}and Block{evilcarft:boxOfEternalClosure}. My email is tylerb870@gmail.com please tell me what is wrong an...
  3. H

    I need help PLEASE I keep crashing

    I built an End Portal In skyblock, I fell in it when flying around now every time I join I crash according to someone I need a moderator to move me somewhere else besides the end portal Please, I beg of you to help me
  4. S

    Downloading Trouble

    I am helping someone download the modpacks but when I go to download I get an error message that reads: Error downloading a file for the following pack: Moddednetwork 2.2 Failed to download http://repo.crazyscraft.com/modpack/2.2.zip Please consult modpack author So of course I made a thread to...
  5. L

    Vote doesn't work? :/

    When i vote i don't get lucky blocks? i get diamonds no problem. This has happened twice, I've tried all the servers and would like my lucky blocks :):p If you could help that'd be great! thanks, LexibrineMC..
  6. poppadompalish

    Help please!!!

    The download works and everything but when I nearly get to the menu page of the game, it just crashes. I have java 64-bit and I have been able to play Modded Network 2.3 and my memory (for the launcher thingy) is 2GB it worked for the first 2-3 times but ever since then haven't seen the menu...
  7. K


    Hello, i recently have been playing on the survival 1 and 2 servers and i have noticed glitches or something that wont let me progress through the game. I wanted to play around with illuminatii pet on server 1 and so i made one and everytime i try to use it it completely disappears. No matter...
  8. NinjaDragony

    HELP ! Tardis Gitch !

    i was playing on the server and i forgot i left some stuff in my tardis but when i go in i got a lag spike so i relog but when i try to join survival server 1 i crash and i did not know what happen at first but then i knew im crashing :( pls help if can.
  9. E

    Tardis Glitch Send Help

    So i was playing yesterday and i had gone afk for about 10 minutes. I was in the tardis at the time and now whenever i try to get in to server 1 my game instantly crashes but i can go on every other server. My username is espanthercub if you could please help :).
  10. A

    Help Please delete my TARDIS

    Both of my TARDISisisese have gone corrupt or something. One on each survival server. Survival one's has broken. Survival two's crashes the entire server when I enter. Delete them both. I have collected my chests and such in the first TARDIS, but items still remain in survival two's. Can I get...
  11. D

    Installing and launching problems

    Hi guys, I'm having some trouble installing and launching the moddednetwork 2.3 modpack. Whenever I try to download it it stops at 'grabbing....'(picture). Can anyone help me? My allocated memory is 7 Gig so that shouldn't be the problem and as java-version I use the recommended one. I also...
  12. M

    Modpack Crashing Please Help!

    I downloaded the mod pack with the technic launcher and when I open the pack, the game crashes on the forge screen and brings me back to the technic launcher. This started happening after I downloaded 64x bit Java so I could dedicate more RAM. Any help?
  13. B

    Help Raided - Survival 2

    Someone raided my town/group and they took alot of my things which i honestly dont care about but they left a chicken chest right in the middle of my land, and as we are building in the sky i built myself a platform to build a house on and the chest is right in the middle and i cant remove it...
  14. S

    Important What's going on?

    Me and a couple of my friends does have a glitch where you get disconnected from Survival 1. That happens to me like 4 times now. What's going on? Oh and I still can't get on Survival 1, because of that glitch... Usernames: SkyHax, TheRedHack and TheBra
  15. K

    System Requirements

    Id like to know the recommended computer requirements for this modpack. Bcuz i dont want to download this pack and find out its 2 much for my computer. Ive got 4 gigs of RAM and a AMD8 processor, think thats enough??
  16. I

    Important Unable To Join Survival 1 And Survival 2 Keep Crashing Help!!!

    So First I Am Playing In Survival 1 Then It Always Crash And I Can't play in survival 1 anymore so i start playing survival 2 and it was fun but something happen when i fly around i saw 3 queen and 3 king so i keep walking and i crash.Then I Try Oppening Again and it keep Crashing so I Am...
  17. S

    Unable to join Survival 3 (PLEASE HELP)

    Hey, i used to play on you're server a long time ago. And now i've come back. I am playing on the survival 3 server because bloodmagic is the best, but for some reason i instantly crash when logging in there now, i can og on all the other servers from the hub but i can't og on survival 3 ! I was...