1. _ChickenNugget

    Timing Out

    SINCE NOBODY GETS ON TS IM POSTING HERE 1. Timing out, randomly on survival 2 everyone times out. It never happened for me on any other servers, only survival 2. And its really annoying because sometimes it wont let me back on and I have to delete the modpack, restart my computer, download the...
  2. 1bladesilver

    Tardis Corrupted My survival 1

    Well I was in my friends tardis because he had his one corrupted and I had a home set in there so I tried to move it and that didn't help him then I crash [His name is Nuclear Narwhal] now it is broken and I don't want to lose my world please help me I love this server and appreciate what you...
  3. P


    Plz Help me
  4. B

    Help Raided - Survival 2

    Someone raided my town/group and they took alot of my things which i honestly dont care about but they left a chicken chest right in the middle of my land, and as we are building in the sky i built myself a platform to build a house on and the chest is right in the middle and i cant remove it...
  5. G

    I cant join survival 1 or 2

    In survival 1 it just says im kicked every time I join. But when i play survival 2 I crash every time I log on to that server.