1. KingsRoyalDragon

    Engineers 2 idea Suggestion For ENG2 Mod

    Please provide your minecraft name Your Minecraft Name: EnderDragon470 Tell us what modpack you're talking about for your suggestion Modpack name:ENG2 Please provide us the mod link if you're suggesting a mod, please use respectful mod developer distribution links Link...
  2. J

    Schematica Permitted 2.4 (Or others)

    IGN: JMavDean Modpack : 2.4 (But would be great if extended to all) Server: Survival Suggestion: I would like to propose that the mod Schematica be added to the pack or at very least permitted for use on the server. It allows players to be able to build schematics and I don't think that really...
  3. J

    More mods to add sugestion

    sense there are Me drives, extra utilities, and magical i recommend you add these two mods the mods are ender storage and ender IO, reply and say if you are going to add them in or not.
  4. Forgetful_Doctor

    Ars Magica, Thaumcraft, Magical Crops

    I think that there should be some more magic mods in the modpack. I know that these might cause problems, but I still think it would be cool to have some of them. It could also be a new donator rank that gives you like experience for ars magica or maybe like a tome of knowledge from thaumcraft?