1. TheSpeedyGamer

    Speedy is back?!?! :D

    Hi there Owner and other new and old staff members. So i used to be a staff as some of you may know and i completely understand why i was fired. I do have a reasoning to why i was inactive. I had some personal issues and family issues that needed to be taken care of and they now are fixed. I...
  2. Pizzar


    Get security craft its a helpful mod that will probably detect when someone raids you and if you set up the security just right it will work i hopr you owners install this mod. The Server Is Crazy! Heres a link!!!:http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/securitycraft-mod/2272715
  3. Pizzar

    Pizzar's staff app!!!

    Minecraft In-Game Name: Pizzar my teamspeak name is also.. Pizzar first name: Nick Age:13 my skype account is: ilikemypixels i do have a gmail account: cartini.kid@gmail.com this is my first ever application. the languages i speak are: italian,german,french,spansish. and english i spend...