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    Unknown error crashing server on startup

    hello, im not sure if this forum is meant to be used for personal server help, but on the technicpack website it says to come here with any problems, and i can't find anywhere else to go. I'm running private server hosted on my computer to play with friends. Its been running smoothly for a...
  2. C

    Server not starting

    it seems the console is done loading and i did enter /fml confirm" and it says Type "/help" for help. i added the ip to my game and its not showing that the server is even running? Im not a complete idiot but i cant seem to figure it out. I have my own modpack that seems to work well and ive...
  3. X

    Important Authentication

    Hello all, I am trying to find the thing to authenticate my MC account... With no results at the moment :) Is there any on that can help me, I want to play on the server. Greetings Valtru